SYNERGYA Pure & Applied Science Inc.

The Sum of All Things Scientific

“Where others see the murk of a fog laden night, the wise see a crystal new morn.”

— John Joseph-Peter Sabuco


Synergya, through our consulting, has had trans-formative impact on myriad other fields of scientific consulting in 31 countries and 42 of our United States.  Since 1979, we have resolved all manner of challenges in often challenging environments.

You will notice a certain irreverence in these pages --  irreverence for common thought.  You supply the problem, and we will supply imagination & inspiration & dogged determination.

If your project involves: Environment, Ecology, Science, Engineering . . .

     We can do it . . .

           We have done it . . .


All fields of environment, ecology, civil engineering,  structural engineering, refineries operation, and general remediation. For a complete list of SERVICES and an ORGANIZATION CHART CLICK HERE.  The most common:

~ Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 and 2) pursuant to All Appropriate Inquires

~ Civil and Structural Engineering

~ Remediation / Clean-up

~ Natural Areas Assessment

~ Wetlands Delineation

~ Forest Management

~ Mine Spoil Reclamation

~ Permanent Crop Mgt.

~ Mathematics & Statistics

Professional Opinions

We provide professional opinions of others' work.  We will review a Phase 1, Phase 2, or recommendations for costly remediation.  We do so having written or been involved in  creating the very regulations, statutes, and ASTM standards cited in others' work. 

We are the experts that experts seek when answers are needed.


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